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5 Questions You Should Ask Before Building Internal Software Tools

Internal tools can be a high-upside investment in improving your company’s processes and efficiency. However, they are still an investment in money and time. Have you wondered whether they would be worth the investment and return positive ROI?

In this whitepaper:

  • What you should focus on during the design and development process to ensure that internal tools fulfill business objectives (with examples)
  • The types of problems that internal tools can solve well, and those that internal tools are less of a good fit for (plus a set of heuristics to check your own ideas against)
  • How to perform user research with internal users to find new problems and solutions, and check whether internal tools will really be useful for them (plus questions to ask and tools to use for user interviews)
  • Alternatives to developing custom software for internal tools, suggested software, and pros and cons of using these tools
  • Crucial guidelines to follow when building internal tools to protect your investment and ensure it evolves with your company
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