Specializing in building custom internal tools to streamline processes

Inventory check system for a wine inventory management product

Businesses that have specific processes sometimes reach their limit with off-the-shelf tools that don’t fully match their workflow. I help small- to medium-sized businesses that are currently using off-the-shelf tools or Excel for managing their processes by:

Understanding the key goals of the business and what to optimize on (e.g. revenue, customer satisfaction, efficiency, etc.)
Discussing current processes and diagnosing where existing tools are failing to meet process needs
Determining if and how custom software can help improve processes and more effectively reach business goals

If you already know what the tool you want to build looks like, I work with you to understand your goals and spec out the product.

The process improvements possible through investing in proprietary software—being more responsive to leads, tracking support requests better, keeping inventory under control—can be a competitive advantage for your business. I focus on determining if building internal tools would have a positive ROI for your business—if I don’t think it will, I’ll tell you.

If you have an internal tool you’d like to build, then let's talk about if it would be mutually beneficial to work together. Schedule 20 minutes on the phone with me so I can understand your business, the friction points you’re currently running into, and what an improved process would look like to you. I’ll help you determine if building internal tools can improve your processes and deliver value.

Unlike other consultants, I combine a high-level focus on value creation and process improvement with the ability to deliver a functional product, maintaining focus on the business goals throughout.

Selected work


Wine inventory management system


Design, frontend/backend development, process strategy

Cellar is an inventory management system, custom-built for a commercial wineseller. Cellar manages inventory across multiple locations using a barcode label system, and includes an iPhone app that scans barcodes to view and check out items.

I worked with the client to design the barcode label according to their specifications, and meet their inventory control workflow by including features like Inventory Check.

Designed and developed from scratch, working with the client to design a process for labeling inventory items and a check-in/check-out flow.

  • Ruby on Rails
  • jQuery
  • PostgreSQL
  • Objective-C
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